Mystic Burden

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The team was formed in October 2017 specifically for MPL. 2 members of the current team, Kuja and Hangus were previously from Team Saiyan, whereas Xorn was from Saiyan Gods.

Ashi is a new talent they discovered, whereas Nenas has been playing for a while, but not competitively. – Source


  1. Ajwad “Kuja” bin Mohd Yusof – (Mage / Marksman)
  2. Mohd Syazlan “Ashi” bin Mohd Rosdi – (Assassin / Tank / Fighter)
  3. Mohd Zul Hisham “Xorn” bin Mohd Noor – ( Fighter / Tank / Assassin)
  4. Shahril Anuar “Nenas” Abdul Rashid – (Support / Tank)
  5. Muhd Rifhan “Hangus” bin Mohd Rizal – (Support / Tank)


  • Ke-5/6