SEA Tour Spring Major 2019

League of Legend SEA Tour (LST)

Preceded by GPL (Garena Premier League), League of Legends SEA Tour (LST) was established in 2018 by Riot and Garena to unlock Southeast Asia’s full esport potential. LST competitive region is made up of Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. 2019 competitive season is divided into Spring and Summer split, in which aspiring players within the region will compete for the regional crown, advancing to prestigious international championships.

LST 2019 Spring Season Format

Ranked Online Qualifier

Through online registration, teams can register up to 7 players and take part in Solo Rank games. Rank points from the top 5 team members will be summed up and placed in a ranking system. Teams with the highest points will advance to the National Qualifiers.

National Qualifiers

LST 2019 Spring Season National Qualifiers will be played among 16 teams selected through either Ranked Online Qualifier or invitation based on recent open or professional tournament performance. 16 teams will be separated into 4 groups competing in a Double Round Robin BO1 format. Each team will compete in 6 matches. Teams on the left side of the tournament bracket will be the blue side, teams on the right side will be the red side teams. One team from each group, totaling up to 4 teams, will advance to National Minors.

National Qualifier Invited teams :

National Minors

The top team of each group will draw and engage in single elimination BO3 knockout matches (including finals). The winner will advance to LST Major.

Spring Major

For LST 2019 Spring Major, winners of National Minors will draw and and engage in single elimination BO3 knockout matches, with a BO5 final. The winning team will represent LST in MSI 2019.

Eligibility requirements

  • LST 2019 participants (players and coaches) must be above 17 years of age at the time of registration.
  • Participating teams must have at least 5 members from ASEAN nations (excluding Vietnam).
  • The starting roster must compose of at least 3 members of ASEAN nationals(excluding Vietnam).

Prize Money

LST 2019 Spring Season Prize pool, USD 90,000

National Minor
1st USD 5,000
2nd USD 3,000
3rd USD 1,000
3rd USD 1,000

LST 2019 Spring Major
1st USD 30,000
2nd USD 10,000
3rd USD 5,000
3rd USD 5,000

Ranked Qualifier : Now till 8 March 2019

Register :

Rules & Regulations


08 Mac 2019


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