ESL MYSG Championship Season 2 (Qualifier)

ESL MYSG is proud to announce the continuation of the ESL MYSG Championship for Dota 2. Season 2 will begin in July where 8 of the best Dota 2 teams in Malaysia/Singapore will compete over a period of 3 months for a total prize pool of USD12,000. The 2nd season will directly invite the top 4 teams from the 1st season, which is currently ongoing. The bottom 4 teams from season 1 will have to go through a relegation phase, where they will be joined by 4 teams from the open qualifiers. These 8 teams will compete against each other in a best-of-3 match on the 22nd and 23rd June and the 4 winners will advance to the 2nd season of ESL MYSG Championship series starting this July.

Take part in the open qualifiers now and stand a chance to compete against the best Dota 2 teams in the region! A world where everybody can be somebody.

Registration requirements and limitations

  • The tournament is limited to 512 teams on check-in.
  • In a multiregional team, 3 out of 5 players need to be part of the region you are signing-up for (in a team of 3 Malaysian or Singapore players and 2 CIS players, the team will only be able to participate in the MYSG qualifier).
  • Sign-ups will be reviewed by the administration team before being accepted to prevent cases where teams try to overrule this requirement.

Open Qualifiers

1st Place qualified for Season 2 relegation
2nd Place qualified for Wildcard Qualifier

Top 8 teams will battle it out over 3 months in July to September 2019 in a double round-robin online league format to determine the best team in each region!

More Info: ESL


30 - 31 Mei 2019


Online Tournament


ESL Asia
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